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Scott Chesney

Scott Chesney is a world-renowned motivational speaker and life coach who has

presented to over 1:5 million people in 43 countries. known as The commander in Change. by his clients. Scott is navigator of life with paralysis for nearty 37 years after awakening to paralysis at the age of 15 from a sudden spinal stroke, Scott has amassed a resume of transformational experiences powerful insights, and inspiring stories that cut to the core of the human spirit.

He has become a nationally and internationally recognized workshop and keynote presenter, and his positive and inspiring messages have changed countless lives. His insights have been coveted and applauded by The United Nations, The Pentagon, The FBI, Fortune 500 companies, sports teams, hospitals/rehab centers, associations, and K-12 schools. 

In April 2020, a documentary about Scott's life entitled "Ride the Wave" was released worldwide. Scott and his family reside in New Jersey. 

Past SEED Speakers

Past Seed Speakers