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Meetings Every Friday In The MPR

Literary Magazine

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Debate Team

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Politics Club

The RKYHS Politics Club provides students with an environment to discuss controversial political and social subjects, propose solutions to pressing modern issues, and further educate themselves and others on current events. The club has weekly debates and discussions.

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Mock Trial

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Model UN

Info Meeting: 9/12 during Lunch

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The Voice (Newspaper)

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Robotics Club

Our first meeting is Tuesday, October 12th in Mrs. Roth's classroom during Chug.

The Jewish Life Committee

The Jewish Life Committee is one of the most fun clubs in the school! We have fun and plan and execute programs to enrich Judaism in our school. We nourish the Neshama, and there's usually food too. If you're interested, you can click on this link to join the group chat, or privately text either of the club co-presidents, Ellie Minsky (862-210-5838) or Dani Bank (973-508-0731).

Career Club

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Bike Mechanics Club

The bike mechanics club teaches students how to trouble shoot and fix bikes. They sell the bikes they fix and and a portion of their funds goes to the charity of their choice.

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Blood Drive Committee

The RKYHS Blood Drive Committee hosts two blood drives each year with the American Red Cross. Interested in saving lives? Join the committee today or sign up to donate at our next drive!

Open Art Club

Join Mrs. Buechler every Monday & Wednesday during lunch for the opportunity to work on art projects. This club is open to all students in the High School.

BC2M (Bring Change 2 Mind)

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Criminology Club

Our first meeting is: TBD

The RKYHS Chessed Executive Board

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The mission of RKYHS environment club is to create environmental awareness throughout our school and community. Through joining the club, you can learn to make small changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Contact Sarena Hindin or Aya East for more information.

Kushner Purple Fellowship Club

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